Curriculum of IDAE

There is a much use of e-learning in adult education – adults’ formal education, non formal education, workplace-based learning etc. The development of e-learning to support adult learners, requires an understanding of the principles of andragogy and learning design. The adult learner is characterized by a wealth of experience, a problem-oriented approach to learning, an ability for independence and responsibility in learning, a well-established personality, identity and protection, cognitive abilities: dialectical thinking and practical logic and critical reflection and learning motivation. Based on the characteristics of the adult learner, it is important to design e-learning – an accessible and understandable e-learning environment, e-learning materials that support learning, and e-learning process assessment attributes.

Existing curricula and training of the instructional designers focus on formal education and the principles of pedagogy. Consequently, it is important to develop a curriculum to support the competencies of instructional designer in adult education, along with pilot training (recommended e-learning environments, e-learning materials and assessments) that can provide training for people who work or want to start working as instructional designers.

Training based on IDAE curriculum is a further training for people with previous experiences and knowledge in adult education (andragogy) or pedagogy and who wish to start working as IDAE. IDAE training supports participants to acquire IDAE competencies and enables them to design and carry out technology-supported learning in adult education. IDAE-s work in private companies, training centers, third sector organisations etc.

The expected impact appears in many levels:

* impact on partner organisations – the curriculum enables to offer IDAE trainings to organisation’s target groups, who need to learn the skills of IDAE.

* external impact – innovative and complex curriculum of IDAE supports other training organisations, who can develop their own IDAE trainings and raise the quality of e-learning in adult education.

The curriculum is highly transferable and usable as it will be available in five languages (English, Estonian, Croatian, German, Spanish) on the project webpage and is accompanied.