Instructional Resources

Instructional resources include students’ manual, instructional assignments, and recommendations for digital tools to support learning. Student’s manual and instructional assignments are developed based on the Instructional Designer Curriculum (Intellectual Output no 1). Recommended digital tools and e-learning environments support curriculum outputs and the development of digital competences for Instructional Designer. The use of digital tools is described in more detail in the Educator’s Handbook (Intellectual Output no 3).

Target groups include adult learners, adult educators, educational institutions and other organisations who support adult’s learning. The compact and comprehensive package of instructional resources is an innovative and practical supporting material to adult learners and adult educators. Together with the Curriculum of IDAE (IO1) and the Educator’s Handbook (IO3) the resources create a complex tool for teaching and learning.

The instructional resources will be used for pilot training and will be made available on the project website in four partner languages (Estonian, Croatian, German, Spain) and in English.

The impact will be in many levels:

  • Participants of the project: to support learners in pilot training.
  • Impact on partner organisations: instructional materials help to educate and support adult educator’s and future IDAE educators, so that organisations can carry on with IDAE trainings and also to improve their own technology and e-learning based trainings for adult learners.
  • External impact: instructional resources can be used by individuals who need to develop their instructional design skills, it can be used by different educational institutions and training units in companies and other organisations with human resource and development departments, to support their adult learners and adult educators.