IDAE’s Educator Handbook – EES

The IDAE Educator’s Handbook is an instrument for providing learning events for Instructional Designers in Adult Education. The handbook describes how to implement the curriculum (IO1) using the developed students manual (part of IO2) and instructional assignments (part of IO2). It also describes how to use recommended digital learning tools and e-learning environments (IO2). The Educator’s Handbook will be tested during the pilot trainings and the final version will be presented on the project website.

In order to carry out high quality trainings and perform well, IDAE educators need supporting materials. The Educator’s Handbook is a unique supporting material for IDAE educators and together with the IDAE curriculum (IO1) and instructional resources (IO2) it creates a complex teaching instrument, which is highly transferable, usable and has large impact on teaching IDAE-s in other organisations. Handbook can also be used as an independent educator’s supporting material to facilitate instructional development skills of adult educators.

Handbook will be translated into Estonian, Croatian, German and Spanish and is represented in partners webpages and on the project website, where it is also available in English.

The impact will be in many levels:

  • Participants: to support IDAE educator’s in the current project to carry out pilot trainings and become a competent IDAE educators;
  • Impact on partner organisations: handbook helps to educate and support future IDAE educators, so that organisations can carry on with IDAE trainings and also to improve their owntechnology and e-learning based trainings for adult learners.
  • External impact: handbook can be used by individuals who need to develop their instructional design skills, it can be used by different training organisations and training units incompanies and other organisations with human resource and development departments, to support their educators and thus their adult learners.

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