EDIT Training for IDAE’s Educators

The training of educators for Instructional Designers was planned for the period from March 14th to June 5th, 2022 for a total duration of 108 hours. The five-day training was held in Umag (Croatia) at the Pucko otvoreno uciliste „Ante Babic“ Umag.

The main topics covered were related to the use of tools and digital technologies, including:

Software and platforms for developing skills in Instructional Design, including

  • Authoring tools.
  • Learning management systems (LMS).
  • Tools for visual design as well as audio and video creation and edition.
  • Tools for social learning and communication.
  • Tools for accessibility of learning content. 

The main trainer was Veronika Tuul (OÜ Innowise – Tallinn, Estonia), with the collaboration of Carlos Ueno Jacue (CEAD Professor Félix Pérez Parilla – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain).

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